Friday, February 7, 2014

Making a Cardboard Puppet Theatre

This week Xander wrote/ directed/ and starred in this very first popcicle stick puppet show. We made his theater out of a huge cardboard box, paper towel rolls, and old paint we had lying around. His play was about Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I have video footage, but I thought I'd spare you . . .this time

The bottom piece is just a regular box with a door cut out in the back.
My husband decided to get fancy and make the top an triangle, but a smaller box flipped upside down would be perfect to!

While Xander drew a background on posterboard, I assembled the card boar pieces with hot glue. Then we both painted it together. He decided on the stickers!

He had a GREAT time writing and performing!

You can get these puppet cut outs HERE
You can use THESE Bible character puppet cut outs I found this morning!
 ~ You may be seeing more of these! ~

We baked cupcakes. Yum!
We learned about woodworking with my super talented friend, Lisa, and her boys.

 Yeah, I know his sweatshirt is backwards. He thought he could use the hood as a mask. Ha!


I thought it was so cute I stole it and put it on my nightstand. Mamas can do that. 

We are in week 2 of our KONOS Honor study. This week we are learning about the attributes of God, pottery and sculpture, and hymns. Xander has asked to learn about the names of God so we are adding that to the agenda as well. I will post more about that later. You can check out my KONOS: Honor board on Pinterest  HERE
We are also about half way through Grammar-Land by M. L. Nesbitt. Xander has found it very entertaining and helpful. . . though we're all book worms here ;)

You can find Grammar-land in Public Domain. I found notebooking pages, worksheets, and other great resources HERE and an audio recording HERE.

If your kids hate textbooks as much as mine, I'd highly suggest Grammar-Land!

Whew! Now . . . who's ready for NEXT week?!

Gina <3


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