Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Leader and a Servant

I love my boys. As I listened to them argue, and play, and argue some more, I was thinking about how different their personalities are. I believe God used that tonight to make a point...

Austin is my leader. He is SO confident and strong willed. We have a bit harder of a time with him because he doesn't ever just accept a thought or rule. He wants to know WHY. Though this can be annoying at times, I am thankful that he wants to view all the facts before he decides to believe or do something. He doesn't just take your word for it, in fact, it seems you are automatically wrong until you prove yourself right.

I love his passion. When he has an interest in a subject he will research and learn as much about it as he can. Even if he is mocked by his friends for his interests, he stays committed. He has told me on occasion that he gets made fun of sometimes at school for being a christian....*note- he is NOT a quiet christian. He takes it in stride and says while he doesn't like it, he believes they are not just mocking him, but God as well. He strives to lead by example, especially when it comes to his faith. Recently we had an incident where one of his teachers accused him of lying in class when he said his throat was sore. He came home steaming. After a loooong conversation he admitted that he was most upset because he tries so hard to be a good witness for his faith and he felt this undermined all his that a 'works' message there? hmm...

He is my little defender. He has made it a point at school to befriend those that don't 'fit in' and doesn't hesitate to come to their aid if one is being picked on. He stands up for the underdog and is committed to help them as much as he can.

Xander is my joyful servant. He loves everybody...really. He has the most sincere heart I have every seen. When you're happy, he's happy. When your sad or hurting, he's sad too. His favorite song is thief by Third Day. The first time he heard the song, however, we were in the car. I had to stop the car and console him. Recently at church he began to cry as the singers sang Amazing Grace. He has such a tender heart.

He desires to be good and strives to be helpful. He is obedient and seems to flourish in structured environments. He considers everyone his friend. He has so much love in that little heart of his. His prayers at night consists of him asking God to 'make the whole earth good' and pleading the blood of Jesus over 'all the people'. Though his understanding of God isn't as deep as Austin's was at his age, he believes. Oh, how he believes!

As a child with asthma he has been sick quite frequently in his short life. He has recently began asking God to heal him. He thanks God when he feels he has healed him, but never doubts when he doesn't see a change. He just asks again...and again. He has faith. True, pure faith.

OK, I may have gotten a bit carried away. The point is, the leader isn't really better than the servant, or vica versa. We all have strengths and weaknesses. We all have talents and gifts. It doesn't matter as much what your gift is, but rather how you use that gift to glorify God. What good would knowledge of His word do me if my heart was hard as stone. And how could I witness to others the greatness of His love if I had no knowledge of His word. He is what makes our gifts great! No matter what your call in life, use it to glorify and honor the One would put it there...