Sunday, August 31, 2014

Making a Prayer Journal and Bible Notebook

A few years ago my best friend made me a prayer journal for my birthday. It has seriously been one of my most favorite gifts I've ever received!

This past week in our KONOS Inquisitiveness unit, Xander was instructed to make his very own prayer journal. I was more than happy to show him mine and help him make his own!

My prayer journal

I love that she organized verses into topics for easy reference and even added a few poems and hymns. She even put my favorite verse on the front! 

We used a small photo album we purchased at the dollar store and simply turned the decorative cover sheet over so we'd have a nice white background. I wrote out his favorite verse and put it on thop of the cover which he then decorated with stickers.

 Back cover

Front cover

On the inside I wrote out some of his favorite verses. He's already in the habit of highlighting verses he finds that he really enjoys, so I am encouraging him to write them out and add them to his journal too. 

Here's one he's already added

I also gave him 4 index cards all with different prayer topics so he could list the names of those he felt led to pray for. He has a card for friends, family, unbelievers, and healing. He may want to add more in the future, but I thought that was a good start! If he was younger, I would have had him put pictures of the friends and family he's praying for instead of having him write their names. I still may suggest it!

I have a separate journal I use for studying the bible and taking notes. However, I decided just to add a small notebook to the middle of his prayer journal for any questions or thoughts he may have while praying/reading.  

I just put the front cover of the notebook under the plastic to secure it. 

This little notebook/journal has already come in very handy, and I think it's helping lead him into a deeper level of study and prayer. I hope it gets as worn out as mine!


  1. I love this! Pinned! Such a great and practical idea to make faith come alive. Simple and doable. We have family devotion time and dinner and we did prayer journals a few years ago but didn't keep up with them. I'm going to try this idea and see if it works better. Thanks so much.

  2. Good, practical approach to putting together a prayer journal for a child. It will definitely encourage continued prayer and growth in knowledge of the Word.