Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cézanne Art Lesson

We pulled the plug on our internet around the start of summer and though I had thought at the time I could just as easily post to my blog using my iPhone, it has proven not an enjoyable task. At all. I miss my keyboard and being able to see the whole screen at the same time! Needless to say, I am a bit backed up on the things I've been wanting to post. Hopefully, I will be patient enough the next few days to get them posted without doing any permanent harm to my phone. Hopefully.

We took a break from our art lessons over the summer, but I am looking forward to resuming them in September. We have invited two of our homeschool buddies to join us and I'm excited to have more art pieces to post.

Our last lesson was about Cézanne. I actually found a great lesson from a blog for this one! Thanks, Chumley Art Room!
Check it out {HERE}

My mom has given me tons of art books over the years, so we already had a great Cézanne book

We've also enjoyed using this Discovering Great Artists book. It covers a wide range of artists and has great activities for elementary aged kids! 

I found a colorful piece of scrap fabric to use with our apples. I know we could have just used one of Cézanne's paintings, but this setup allowed me the opportunity to teach them a bit about painting still life as well. As you can see I painted an example for them too. I've found it easier to give an example since I have a visual learner. 

Though I have them the opportunity to try and paint the fabric, I wasn't insistent on it. My son chose to make his own background. 

I wasn't smart enough at the time to take pictures of the other boy's paintings, but they did a great job! I will remember next time...hopefully! 

This was a fun lesson using watercolors! I'm looking forward to posting more lessons in September when we resume classes. 


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