Sunday, August 31, 2014

Clay Minecraft Art Project

It has been super hot out this week, so today we decided to find some indoor activities for our lazy Sunday afternoon.

Side note: I am so ready for October!

My husband often plays Minecraft with Xander and today they enjoyed building a  house with a massive treehouse together. After completing their designs, they decided to use clay and make a minecraft picture. 

They used a piece of construction paper as a background. While using a small set of square cutters I purchased at a craft store they cut out different sized squares and arranged them on their paper, then pressed down lightly to attach them. This was a great opportunity to reinforce fractions, as they had to divide the squares into halves and even quarters to get the right sizes.

This was a really quick, fun activity! I think  it would be cute to use a small shoebox instead of paper so you could make your creation in 3D! We may have to try that ourselves!

Now, on to Uno! 


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