Monday, February 3, 2014

My Prayer For Austin

I can't BELIEVE my sweet baby boy will be {GASP!} 13 this month! Where has the time gone?! There's SO much I still want to teach him and show him about life and, well, everything!

I've put together just some of the thoughts I have towards him in hopes of reminding myself encouraging others that are just embarking on their parenting journey or those venturing with me into the teenage years...


The next 5 years are your most important so far and will set the stage for your adult life and all the responsibilities that will entail. I pray you weigh every decision before you move, even the seemingly small ones. Also, that you understand how incapable we are of knowing our futures and even our own hearts without God revealing them to us.

I pray you find Jesus and lose religion. Man isn't your teacher, the Holy Spirit is.

I pray you have the discernment to see the flaws in those who council you but have the grace to love them in spite of those things.

Realize you could never earn a loves as great as the love God freely gives. That you are already accepted by Him and your works could never make him love you more. But that you give your life to works for that very reason. 

Never be so hurt that you allow yourself to become cynical and bitter. Find joy in the simple things. Cherish the good in life and try not to linger too long on the bad. 

Love selflessly. I pray you see through the brokenness of your own childhood the consequences of selfish love. Cling to your wife and the family God blesses you with.

Have the wisdom to separate yourself from your feelings to assess properly which actions or inaction are best for you and your family...after fervent prayer of course.

 After arguments and disagreements, I pray you always look to God and in yourself to see if any fault is yours. If it is, I pray that you have the humility to admit your errors and ask for forgiveness.

And in conversation, that you think more than you speak (preferably before you open your mouth).

See that it's always easier to DO what's right than LIVE with the consequences of doing what's wrong.

Above all, I hope and pray that I have been a blessing in your life. That I have loved you the way you've needed me to and encouraged you to do the things God has called you to do. AND that you know how very, very much I love you and thank God for you <3


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