Monday, February 3, 2014

Downton and KONOS

I can't believe I didn't make ONE SINGLE POST the whole month of January!! I'm gonna blame it on the return of Downton Abbey (woohoo!) and the recent subscription to Amazon Prime my mom so graciously blessed us with.

We've been fervently feeding our BBC addictions *sigh*

Back to homeschooling...

We have decided to go back to unit studies using KONOS vol 1 as an outline. We've tried other approaches and curriculums and although KONOS is very parent driven, I think (NOW) that may be exactly what I love about it! 

For instance, we were already beginning to learn about the attributes of God when Xander (encouraged by the sermon heard Sunday) decided he'd like to learn about the NAMES of God as well. So we will take a bit more time and learn BOTH at once. I've been researching this and am getting super excited about it myself! I will post about it as we get further along. 

I love the freedom unit studies give us to further explore his interests! Add that to the BLARING fact that he's an anesthetic learner and you can see why I'm so excited to get back to KONOS! 

Follow me on Pinterest for KONOS ideas and helps. I have multiple KONOS unit study boards on and am sure to be adding to them!

Gina <3

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