Monday, December 2, 2013

Mama Time

Don't think by the title that this post is solely about us mamas. I believe everything we do affects our children so we all need to lead by example. As a mom, I try to encourage my boys to be creative and give themselves time to pursue their interests. Somewhere along the way though, I realize I've neglected my own hobbies (that just comes with the MOM title, right). So, I've decided to allocate time for myself to improve and enjoy my own interests!

I recently signed up for FREE online writing classes through our local library (love those guys!). And have committed myself to reading and writing a little everyday. I figure I can do this during my hubby's football games {insert eyeroll here} after the kids are in bed.

I also love to paint and draw and am hoping to incorporate more of that in our homeschooling since Xander loves it as well. Here's two of his faves from his KONOS obedience study last year...the topic was light...

Learning and hobbies should be a life long passion of ours! If I'm teaching my kids that, then I should lead by example and share the joy it brings me with them. I'm sure, if we are a little more diligent with our time, MOST of us could find a little to spare each week on our passions and talents. Doing so may bring a bit more joy to our lives, and possibly others too. God is creative and passionate and He has given us all gifts and talents for a reason! Let us glorify Him in everything we do, with all He's given us!

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