Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hearts of Praise

As I have mentioned before, we are currently in our second year homeschooling our 9yo son. Our first year was more successful than I could have anticipated. Not only did he grow mentally and physically, but spiritually as well. I praised God as He revealed a heart of service and praise in my little man. A desire to do what is good and right.

 He developed a love of hymns as we learned them in our daily God time. I was so blessed when he told me he believed God called him to sing. I laugh as I remember him being so sure of this that he walked up to our worship leader one Sunday and all but demanded to be allowed to share his calling with the church. When that day came, he was so excited. As a singer myself I was certain he would need my support as he faced the crowd so I walked on stage with him. Ha! was I ever wrong. I was amazed as he boldly picked up the microphone stepped to the podium and  lead our church in his favorite worship song. He never wavered. Even when snickers and laughter broke out because of his determination to sing even after they stopped. I will cherish that memory forever! Thank God for churches that allow and encourage children to praise Him!

I've noted before that my main focus on homeschooling is to teach my child to love Christ. To prepare him for whatever my Lord has for him. I remind myself daily that he's only mine for a little while. A precious gift from my Father in Heaven. I pray for wisdom to guide him everyday.

I was wanting to write about our homeschool day, but I guess this is just closer to my heart at the moment.

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