Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ruth's Garden

My friend Joni had an idea a few seasons ago to start a community garden at our church. It was decided to call this ministry Ruth's Garden based on the story of Ruth in the Bible and the Jewish rule to leave the corners of the fields for widows, travelers, and the poor. Together with Alvin, an avid gardener and fellow church member, the two of them have been filling baskets with beautiful veggies and bags of rice/dry beans along with simple recipes and a Bible. Baskets are then hand delivered (by herself mostly!) to many of the elderly and needy in our area. God has blessed the work as they have given away over 80 baskets in just the first 2 years!That's a bunch of Bibles and blessings!

Today they were planting for their 3rd garden, so we decided to go help...or at least try to help!! Xander was very eager to dig holes, even where they didn't belong! It was a great lesson on LISTENING and following directions! Plus he got to play in the dirt, so it was a win/win! We look forward to helping again soon...if they allow us back ;)

Xander digging and planting


Then watering!

Overall, I was impressed at his willingness! He planted 3 jalapeno plants all by himself!


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