Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sculptor Studies: Henry Moore

We have been using KONOS volume one this year and are currently on the Honor unit. Part of this study is on famous sculptors. This goes along with the notion that we are created and molded by God.

We have looked at a lot of famous sculptures and statues these past few weeks, including The Discus Thrower, The Thinker, The Statue of Liberty, and many others. So, I thought I would share some of his favorites over the next few days. 

Today's sculptor is Henry Moore. 

We read a biography from our local library and made our own Moore inspired art piece using foil.

First we made our design out of pipe cleaners

They totally look like race cars, right?! ;)

Then we simply wrapped our design with recycled foil....and done!



He really enjoyed this craft...I liked how simple (and cheap) it was ;)

You can find more KONOS ideas on my Pinterest boards! 

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